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Yağmur geliyor

24. 08. 2015 Tarihinde admin tarafından yayınlanmıştır.


The peacock that does not bow before humans is considered sacred in its habitat throughout the world, and is respected. This is especially true for its native land India and throughout the ‘Ancient World’. Iranian mystic poet Attar, whom Mevlana met when he was young, and whom he has revered at every occasion, in his book entitled “Famine and the Peacock”, writes that people who were desperate for rainfall had ‘knocked on the peacock’s door’ for help. This not a mere coincidence; the peacock is known in many of its habitats as the animal heralding rain. It is the source of life in India and its environs of the monsoon rains, and according to legend its cry “minh-ao, minh-ao” means “the rain is coming, the rain is coming!”.
With the hope that an abundant rain will fall in these lands that will wash away the blood that has dried up, that will revive everything and will restablish prosperity.